Natural Skincare from the Sea

"Nature works well when we let it."

-Nonesuch Motto

Naturally Luxurious Marine (kelp, sea salt, seaweed) Skincare from Maine for Men and Women. LA MER. SEAWEED.
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Natural and Luxurious Marine (kelp, sea salt, seaweed) Skincare from Maine for Men and Women. LA MER. SEAWEED.

"The owner of Nonesuch Oysters has branched beyond oyster farming to launch a line of skin care products. She uses Maine marine life, natural oils and sea salt in her formulas. Is this the next Burt’s Bees or Tom’s of Maine?"


"Nonesuch Oyster Farm in Maine makes a Hydrating Body Oil and Maine Sea Salt Scrub fortified by Maine algae that are quickly becoming my all time favorite body products." 

A "Must-Pack" Item for Women and Men.

"We love the Face Oil with Botanicals from Land and Sea and Maine Sea Salt Body Scrub, but for travel, nothing beats the intensely moisturizing Seaweed Hand Salve."

"I needed a hydrating anti-oxidant and most Vitamin C serums as well as oils are very expensive at double the $50 price (of the Nonesuch Face Oil).... It is so refreshing and effective. The ingredient list is equally as wonderful ... just natural potent resources from both sea and land."

"I highly recommend and love these products and wish more companies would look into utilizing the sea and its natural resources for cosmetics."


Luxurious, Natural Skin Care

with Maine-harvested marine ingredients 

A New Generation of Marine Skincare



4 Reasons to LOVE Maine Seaweed in your Skin Care Products



Our Story: from Oysters to Skincare
Read about Maine's Oyster Lady in Maine Magazine

I'm Abigail Carroll and after over a decade living in Paris, France I became an "accidental oyster farmer" back home in Maine.


Oyster farming is a great workout but it takes a toll on my already sensitive skin. To treat my skin, I began to expirament with local seaweed and I loved the results. So I enlisted the help of some skin care experts to help me develop a line of 100% natural, seaweed-based products that are designed for active people seeking transformative skin care solutions. 

All of our marine ingredients have been farmed or harvested along our coast by other independent Maine waterworkers. The products themselves are made in small batches. Our packaging - with our glass bottles and travel-lite refill pouches - is designed to be sensitive to the environment, and our mobile lives.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do. And please, I love hearing from you, so don't hesitate to email me.


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