The Anatomy of our Packaging

Nobody's perfect but we're making a serious effort to take our environmental impact seriously. After all, we are farmers! 


Let's dissect the anatomy of our packaging.

We chose aluminum vessels for a number of reasons:

  • Avoids plastic (and therefore micro-plastics in the ocean) and is non-breakable unlike glass.

  • Aluminum in highly recyclable and recycled

  • Lightweight - lighter to transport than glass which means lower carbon footprint. That translates to less acid rain, better PH in our oceans, and a safer home for our sea creatures

We use labels and don't screen print. Screen printing vastly increases the carbon footprint of our products. Vessels need to travel from the supplier, across the country to a printer, then back to us for fulfillment. Each of those trips puts carbon in the air. Labels are shipped directly to us, with minimal impact by comparison because they're so light and easy to transport.

While we avoid plastic wherever possible, we have not found a non-plastic alternative to treatment pumps. So until we find a user-friendly solution we will continue to use these. If you have ideas, feel free to write us!

What's missing here is the box. By using aluminum bottles we avoid having to use boxes that you need with delicate glass. Eliminating the box reduces over-all material, saves us the carbon footprint of moving boxes around and saves clients money.

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