Our Formulation Philosophy

NONESUCH Maine Marine Botanicals was the result for my own quest for products to treat my own naturally sensitive skin which was suffering immensely from my new life working on the water. Fortified with local Maine marine ingredients like seaweed, kelp and sea salt, the products are designed to promote beautiful, healthy skin and be compatible with even the most sensitive skin.

Locally sourced marine ingredients

We use locally harvested, organic seaweed, sea salt and other marine ingredients from the coast of Maine. For other ingredients we source from America's best suppliers. 


Many natural skin care companies are afraid to say they use preservatives. Trust that they do. And you don't want creams without them! Some known preservatives have two functions and labeling rules allow companies to call them by their other function and maintain "preservative free" labeling. We call things what they are. We use multi-functional natural preservatives that are ECO-certified and deemed safe by the leading natural skincare standards in the US and Europe. "Preservative" isn't a dirty word so long as you use good ones.


We care deeply about the impact our packaging has on the planet so we avoid plastic where we can. 

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